IT Consulting

Proven Track Record of Evaluating Products & Recommending & Implementing Solutions

Need assistance with carrying out a large systems migration? IP scheme re-design? Or maybe you just need recommendations on which direction to take your IT operation in. Consulting services are our core competency. We have a proven track record of helping departments plot a successful course by assisting with product evaluation, recommending and implementing solutions that meet the current and future needs of the organization.

We do not simply recommend products that we sell; we sincerely look out for the best interests of the customer.

Cloud Hosting and Backup

Low-Cost, Cloud-Based Backup Solutions

To some long-time IT professionals, the term ‘Cloud’ is an over-used and over-hyped term, and somewhat of a misnomer. The current and near-future state of IT infrastructure relies upon on-premise and cloud-based systems. How can you bridge the gap between the two technologies in order to provide a smooth transition for your department? That’s where we come in.

The most popular first step for many organizations is cloud-based backup. It has proven to be affordable, easy to manage, and generally provides a much lower TCO than traditional on-premise solutions that must be managed and updated regularly. Also, having backups off-site satisfies the requirements of most disaster recovery plans.

We implement low-cost cloud-based backup solutions that meet the needs of your organization.

Managed Services and IaaS

Managed Solutions Tailored to the Needs of Our Clients

The IT industry is experiencing a paradigm shift in how IT services are provisioned and consumed. Large capital expenditures on equipment and solutions can be difficult to swallow from a budget perspective, and additional costs, such as personnel are often forgotten about until the budget runs short.

Long gone are the days where fast internet access and infrastructure are optional – to most organizations they are as important to normal operation as running water. Managed services allow organizations to have affordable support of critical systems on an ongoing basis.

Server Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) has become a popular solution that Cloud59 is uniquely positioned to provide, as we have a deep understanding of the real needs of our customers. Since many intensive applications, such as e-mail and transactional databases, are now run in the cloud, expensive server hardware and software are no longer required to meet the needs of most organizations.

Our solutions are tailored to the true needs of the customer, and include everything from file and VM-level backups to multi-datacenter redundancy. We can also provide proactive management and monitoring of your critical systems like firewalls, core routers and switches, servers and campus wifi.

Network Perimeter Security

Providing Layer 7 Security At Any Level

In the market for a new network firewall or CIPA-compliant internet content filter? Ask us about our perimeter security solution that provides filtering up to layer 7, as well as reliable and secure mobile-user VPN access. We can put together a solution quote for you to administer or we can provide this security as a managed service, so that we are always working for you.