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“K-12 school districts are frequently understaffed and under-trained in network security. We support Technology Directors and superintendents facing challenges finding (or affording) qualified full-time network security engineers. Educational institutions partner with us, ensuring a secure network infrastructure for uninterrupted student learning.”

Two network security engineers at computer stations, showcasing expertise in safeguarding digital environments.


In the IT world, the gold standard of network reliability is denoted as 99.999% system uptime—or ‘5 nines’. With the move toward cloud-based services and applications, Cloud59 bridges the gap between on-premise network systems and those that reside in the cloud. Put simply, our name mean reliability.



We aim to always be on the same page with our clients. They always know what we are doing, what we’ve done, and what we recommend going forward.


Educational institutions can leverage our knowledge and decades of experience to help them steer their ships. Our technical leadership advisement assists technology directors and superintendents to make insightful choices.

Goal-Oriented + Proactive

Our team is planning for your immediate and future success. A proactive approach to security and IT planning ensures you’re ready for what the future holds. We aren’t just turning a wrench, instead everything we do is with an end-goal in mind. These include achieving the utmost system security and reliability. We proactively get in front of problems. Instead of just fixing issues as they arise, we analyze problems other institutions are experiencing and steer you away from them before they cause disruption.


We consider your system to be our system, and we treat it accordingly. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with all of our clients.


We consider our customers to be our friends, and we love to help our friends!


We are nimble team that limits our scope of business to specific things that greatly interest us. Unlike other companies in this vertical, we do not attempt provide all technology services that a K-12 school needs. Instead, instead we focus on a few things and aim to be really good at them! Consequently, we’re never overly busy, and we can adapt quickly to the needs of each customer.

Founder Matt Boyette of Cloud 59, a leading network security engineer, shaping a secure digital landscape.

Matt Boyette


Cloud59 was started in July 2015 by Matt Boyette. Cloud59 aims to bridge the gap between on-premise network systems and those that reside in the cloud. Thus, the dual-cloud logo. Matt got his first PC at age 13 and spent hours poring over MS-DOS documentation to understand how to make his PC run faster (and thus, play more games). In 1996, he got his first job in IT working with Dr. Keith Osburn (Georgia DOE CIO) as a technology apprentice. Since then he has worked in upwards of 20 school districts throughout central/South Georgia and north Florida as a consultant.

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