We ensure classroom IT networks run smoothly


They needed a whole new network design to accommodate their new school. They needed to do 1-to-1 computer, system stability, good internet, accommodate multiple data systems, voip, ip security, door access control, and ip intercom.


We assisted them in a design for their network that would accommodate all their needed solutions and allow them to work well together and securely.

Front view of Wheeler County K-12 School with dedicated IT support.

“Cloud 59 has worked with our school district for over 15 years and has become the “final word” for all our technology decisions because I trust them that implicitly. Their thirst for learning ensures their current knowledge of industry developments, and their vast experience informs their approach for securing our network. Even though they are two hours away and work with school districts across Georgia and Florida, they address our needs as if we were their only client, and their professionalism is unmatched.”

Superintendent Suzanne Couey of Wheeler County Schools overseeing IT support for a secure and advanced learning environment.
Suzanne Couey – Superintendent



Over our 15 year relationship with Irwin, we’ve helped them with many challenges. On problem we helped with….They were in need of a new perimeter firewall system to increase their network security and to have better control over their system data. Additionally, they were in need of an updated server infrastructure system, but didn’t have a large budget to take care of it.


After meeting with their leadership, we presented a perimeter firewall solution to meet their needs, current and future. Regarding server infrastructure, we were able to provide a proposal to include server infrastructure, power protection, and cloud based backup all for one price that was well within their budget.

Vendor partnership success: Teacher and students in an Irwin County classroom, showcasing the impact of our IT consulting services.

“We developed a partnership with Cloud59 Networks many years ago. Their dedication to assist our IT team is top notch. They are very attentive to detail, trustworthy and provide us with the best customer service ever! We would highly recommend their services for any organization.”

Assistant Superintendent Jessica Sirmans of Irwin County Schools selected us for it consulting.
Jessica Sirmans – Assitant Superintendent



They were looking to implement a more modern district wide wi-fi solution that would accommodate their current and future near term needs for internet access, for high-demand usage with heavy reliance on wi-fi.


We were able to design a campus wi-fi solution that met their needs for each classroom as well as providing a measure of outdoor access. Their 3,000 students now effectively have the tech service they need.

Vendor success story: Early County High School exterior, illustrating the impact of our IT consulting services.

“Working with Cloud59 has been a great experience. They are very personable, professional, and proficient, quickly and helpfully answering any questions, or providing tech solutions. I would highly recommend working with Cloud59 for any tech projects. They do a good job of recommending solutions that are a good fit for your organization’s needs.”

Technology Director Dustin White of Early County Schools selected us for it consulting.
Dustin White – Technology Director



They needed a network scheme redesign, since they had outgrown their current network design scheme. They needed assistance creating a scheme that would provide better manageability and segmentation. This would allow for anticipated growth in the number of network devices in use in the network.


We create a new. Network scheme to implement across the district. This was well documented and agreed upon after talking with the customer. We also assisted the customer in implementing this scheme on the equipment they already owned. This flexible approach saved them funding and helped them stay within budget.

Vendor success story: Teacher assisting student on a desktop computer in Crawford County, showcasing the impact of our IT consulting services.

“They are outstanding professionals with great business work ethics and sincere dedication to their clients!”

Technology Director Carmen Wilson Sr. of Crawford County Schools selected us for it consulting.
Carmen Wilson Sr. – Technology Director


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